October 2017

The magazine comes to life at San Diego Magazine events

San Diego Magazine events bring our stories to life. Our editors and critcs curate content that we transform into tangible (and tasty) experiences. Attendees can see, touch, and taste the featured businesses and restaurants. Each event is a celebration and opportunity to experience (not just tell) what we love about San Diego.

Our events offer the highest quality cuisine, art, entertainment, and more, creating an enjoyable sensory overload. Sip on a mimosa as you arrive at Brunch Bash or interact with art displays at Best of San Diego. Each event is fine-tuned to the last detail.

San Diego Magazine events are a hub of opportunity for guests and sponsors. Sponsors can showcase new or loved products and get instant feedback. Our affluent audience is exposed to businesses and products they may not have tried otherwise. Both get a chance to meet in a relaxed, open environment and build a personal relationship.

Our talented events team says the future holds only bigger and better San Diego Magazine events. Any opportunity to turn a feature into a celebration won’t be overlooked. Check out 2018 event lineup and learn about becoming a sponsor here. We hope to see you soon!

The Happy Half Hour podcast wins a FOLIO: award

FOLIO:’s Eddie and Ozzie Awards have been the longstanding pillar in recognizing excellence in magazine editorial and design. And as digital media has become an integral part of all magazine brands, they’ve expanded the categories to include new mediums like podcasts. This year, San Diego Magazine’s Happy Half Hour podcast was selected as the winner for Best Consumer City & Regional Podcast, a category that included finalists from Red Bull Media, D Magazine, Scholastic, Harvard Business Review, and Inc. Magazine.

So what is the Happy Half Hour, and why are we doing podcasts? It started with an idea and about $900. Erin Chambers Smith started tossing around the podcast idea in the office, as they were reemerging in the media world. And San Diego Magazine is the kind of place where if you have an idea (that doesn’t require huge investment), can back it up with research or data, and can get a few other staffers excited about it, you can try it. So Erin and Digital Media Director David Martin convinced our publisher to buy four microphones and some stands. David, who’s also in a band, used his own sound mixer and set it all up on our conference room table. Our Food Critic Troy Johnson agreed to join as co-host and try it out. Arsalun Tafazoli was the first guest. “I texted him like the day before we were going to do it and just kind of begged that he stop by the office for a chat,” remembers Erin. “We are a very established brand, but the media landscape today requires us to be entrepreneurial, too,” says CEO and publisher Jim Fitzpatrick. “I love when new ideas come along, because it just means there’s more we can offer the audience.”

A thousand tiny tweaks from there, including upgraded equipment and the addition of food editor Archana Ram, and we’ve published 64 episodes, and secured sponsorships including YMCA, Petco and Kaaboo Del Mar. “We have a blast doing it. It’s just fun,” says Troy. Erin agrees. “There is something to be said for having fun,” she says. “Eating out is fun. There are serious issues involved in food, but it’s also about enjoying life and enjoying where we live. The food and drink community in San Diego is neat. It’s small and earnest, but also open about its challenges,” says Erin. “Feeding San Diegans, and our visitors, is a fascinating thing. Celebrating it, or skewering it, together with friends over drinks is what we’re trying to do.” “Making this podcast is the highlight of the week, says David. “It’s so rewarding to take a hobby and bring it to life here at the magazine. We have the most fascinating guests; I leave feeling I learned something rad after every recording session.”

In today’s media industry, to remain relevant to your audience, you’ve got to meet them where they are. We know our audience prides itself on supporting the local food and beer scene, so this was a natural extension of that. What’s next for the Happy Half Hour crew? We are actively securing sponsorships for the show through 2018, and the team plans to add in more segments devoted to neighborhoods, spirits, wine and beer.

#InsideSDM: My First Week at San Diego Magazine

Hi everyone! I’m Amy Dunphy, marketing coordinator and newest employee at San Diego Magazine. For all the curious minds, here is my honest, unfiltered review of my first week as a new hire.

There are standard things that come with starting a new job, like the introductions and HR protocol. However, during my first week there were several things that were unique to SDM and its culture.

The first and most prominent was the office aesthetic. The place screams fun. New and vintage magazine covers vibrantly contrast the white and blue colored walls. Modern, beachy furniture and decorations reflect the city we promote. Office windows display beautiful views of downtown, Coronado Island, and the bay. What better way to get inspired about San Diego than by gawking at its greatness?

I’m a creative, outgoing person. That’s what drew me to the magazine in the first place. Turns out, I’m not alone. No one was too shy or too busy to introduce themselves to me at the first opportunity. I wish I had a dime for every time I heard “We are so glad to have you here!”

Employees here have a lot of tasks and deadlines on their plate. However, you’d never know just by observing. I previously envisioned the publishing atmosphere to have phones ringing constantly, people running, papers flying, tears flowing. To my surprise, everyone here is friendly, calm, and energetic. They can’t wait to give me tips and share why they love SDM.

That love apparently never dies. Several of the employees have been here for over 10 years. It speaks volumes that so many of the SDM workforce have stuck around and still overflow with passion for their jobs.

After just a week here, I can see why. San Diego Magazine is a creative space with exceptional people coming together to produce outstanding publications. Cue Natalie Cole, because I think this will be an everlasting love.