#InsideSDM: My First Week at San Diego Magazine

Hi everyone! I’m Amy Dunphy, marketing coordinator and newest employee at San Diego Magazine. For all the curious minds, here is my honest, unfiltered review of my first week as a new hire.

There are standard things that come with starting a new job, like the introductions and HR protocol. However, during my first week there were several things that were unique to SDM and its culture.

The first and most prominent was the office aesthetic. The place screams fun. New and vintage magazine covers vibrantly contrast the white and blue colored walls. Modern, beachy furniture and decorations reflect the city we promote. Office windows display beautiful views of downtown, Coronado Island, and the bay. What better way to get inspired about San Diego than by gawking at its greatness?

I’m a creative, outgoing person. That’s what drew me to the magazine in the first place. Turns out, I’m not alone. No one was too shy or too busy to introduce themselves to me at the first opportunity. I wish I had a dime for every time I heard “We are so glad to have you here!”

Employees here have a lot of tasks and deadlines on their plate. However, you’d never know just by observing. I previously envisioned the publishing atmosphere to have phones ringing constantly, people running, papers flying, tears flowing. To my surprise, everyone here is friendly, calm, and energetic. They can’t wait to give me tips and share why they love SDM.

That love apparently never dies. Several of the employees have been here for over 10 years. It speaks volumes that so many of the SDM workforce have stuck around and still overflow with passion for their jobs.

After just a week here, I can see why. San Diego Magazine is a creative space with exceptional people coming together to produce outstanding publications. Cue Natalie Cole, because I think this will be an everlasting love.