The magazine comes to life at San Diego Magazine events

San Diego Magazine events bring our stories to life. Our editors and critcs curate content that we transform into tangible (and tasty) experiences. Attendees can see, touch, and taste the featured businesses and restaurants. Each event is a celebration and opportunity to experience (not just tell) what we love about San Diego.

Our events offer the highest quality cuisine, art, entertainment, and more, creating an enjoyable sensory overload. Sip on a mimosa as you arrive at Brunch Bash or interact with art displays at Best of San Diego. Each event is fine-tuned to the last detail.

San Diego Magazine events are a hub of opportunity for guests and sponsors. Sponsors can showcase new or loved products and get instant feedback. Our affluent audience is exposed to businesses and products they may not have tried otherwise. Both get a chance to meet in a relaxed, open environment and build a personal relationship.

Our talented events team says the future holds only bigger and better San Diego Magazine events. Any opportunity to turn a feature into a celebration won’t be overlooked. Check out 2018 event lineup and learn about becoming a sponsor here. We hope to see you soon!