San Diego Magazine Careers

If you crave change, like moving at the speed of light, and want to create something tangible every month that you can look at and say “we did that,” San Diego Magazine might be the company for you.

Our open positions are listed below. If nothing is posted, send your resume and a cover letter describing your dream position to Laurie Clarke (also known as Human Resources) at

Need an inside perspective?
Here’s what our staff thinks about working here.

"Sharing stories of San Diego and San Diegans, and giving away insider secrets—I get to feel like the biggest gossip in town!"
—Erin Glenny, Editor in Chief, San Diego Magazine

"It’s pretty amazing working for a company that always encourages big ideas, teamwork, learning something new, and staying ahead of the game. Our team might be small but we make up for it in passion, and I think that shows in every product we put out."
—Sanna Boman Coates, Digital Production Manager & Editor

"There’s no such thing as a too crazy of an idea in the events department. I get creative freedom to incorporate new ideas and work with a really fun team to execute them!"
—Fiona Leung, Senior Event Manager

"I get to work with a diverse and creative group of co-workers, and awesome clients. I also appreciate that we have a very high standard for the products and magazines we put out. And we throw some of the best parties ever!"
—Kirsten Stahl-Clark, Sales Manager, Hatch

"When your job is to plan parties, you know you’re always in for a good time. It doesn’t hurt that I have the best team in town!"
—Kaylie Rolin, Event Manager

"This is the best job ever! It’s really satisfying to see your work materialized in a physical magazine every month and be involved in the day-to-day marketing and social media image of the company. I love everyone I work with and really enjoy the relationships we have with local businesses."
—Richie Gonzalez, Assistant Production Designer